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Introducing the ScrumTruk rugby strength builder for developing scrum pushing power of rugby players

In developing high-performance exercises for athletes, sports scientists recommend routines that closely approximate the joint and muscle movement used in the particular sport. Until now rugby (one of the most strength-oriented team sports), has had to rely on general purpose strength conditioning exercises and equipment.This equipment does not adequately approximate the joint and muscle movement of the rugby player.

In designing a machine specifically for the rugby player, MyoQuip (the developers of the ScrumTruk apparatus), have converted the vertical resistance of gravity into resistance in the horizontal plane, which is where the rugby forward operates. Forward dominance is the platform on which rugby success is built. In establishing dominance, the crucial factor is the ability of the forwards to deliver pushing power and to withstand the counter-force generated by the opposing pack.

ScrumTruk is a machine designed specifically to develop that pushing power and resistance to counter-pushing while in the body position of the scrum or maul. Regular use of this apparatus by all forwards reinforces the point that generating scrum and maul momentum and resisting counter-momentum is the responsibility of the whole pack. Engineered to handle weight loads to 250kg and beyond, the ScrumTruk provides a challenge to players of international standard as well as a safe and intuitive way for young players to fully develop their strength.


Use of the ScrumTruk assists in the following:

  • realistically simulates the compressive forces of the live scrum and generates effective counter-resistance.
  • is ideal for observing and teaching correct body position and delivery of pushing force.
  • facilitates individual testing of lower body strength in a familiar and comfortable body position (Unlike the Barbell Squat, the results do not depend on mastery of a complicated movement).
  • enhances the capacity to effectively lift and support the lineout jumper.
  • does not replace the scrum machine, rather the two machines complement one another.*
  • Whilst exercising with ScrumTruk, the lower spine adopts moderate curvature necessary for effective pushing and avoidance of lower back strain. This position also triggers isometric contraction of the stabilising muscles of the pelvic and abdominal regions.

    For open field play, ScrumTruk develops the leg drive essential in both attacking and defensive engagements. Its use is therefore recommended for both backs and forwards.

    *Scrum machines do not develop pushing-strength, their function is for practising technique and cohesion as a pack. Scrum machines also make it difficult to assess the contribution of the individual forward.

    For a comparison of ScrumTruk with conventional strength-increasing exercises click here