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News about MyoQuip

England Rugby to continue using the MyoTruk from Gen3 Kinematics (19 May 2012)

Gen3 Kinematics is happy to announce that they are to continue their relationship with England Rugby to supply them with their unique MyoTruk for the forthcoming Barbarians game.(Read more)

MyoQuip-using Exeter Chiefs consolidate their Aviva Rugby Premiership position (5 May 2012)

The Exeter Chiefs have just completed a very successful second season in the Aviva Rugby Premiership, building on their 8th position in 2010-2011 to finish 5th and earn a place in the Heineken Cup competition next season.

When the Chiefs were promoted into the Aviva Premiership in season 2010-2011 they were widely tipped to be a one season wonder.They faced a difficult transition to the premier league with no time to buy in players to strengthen their squad and the need to adapt quickly to the greater physicality and speed of play in the top competition. (Read more)

British cyclists pursue Olympic Gold with the MyoThrusta (3 May 2012)

In early March it was announced that British Cycling would be using the MyoQuip MyoThrusta lying leg press in preparation for the London Olympics. MyoQuip's European manufacturer/distributor Gen3 Kinematics had arranged to supply and install the equipment.

Track cycling is expected to be one of the sports in which Britain excels at the Games, continuing a fierce rivalry with Australia. At the World Track Cycling Championships held in Melbourne last month Britain and Australia each won 6 gold medals. All other countries competing shared the remaining 7 gold medals. Between them Britain and Australia secured 28 out of the 57 gold, silver and bronze medals awarded, or 49%, with the host nation inching out Britain because of winning 2 more silver medals. On home soil for the Olympics Britain will be hoping to secure the upper hand.

In track cycling times are recorded to the thousandth of a second and winning margins can be extremely small. Not surprisingly national teams continually search for apparatus, equipment and techniques capable of giving them the slightest edge in performance.

The MyoThrusta is the world's most advanced form of leg press with particular application for rehabilitation. It is ideal for use by elite level cyclists whose training involves extreme intensity work undertaken in an unnaturally cramped skeletal position. The MyoThrusta is the only strength builder for the leg extensors providing an appropriate level of muscle activation throughout the exercise movement from extreme flexion to full extension.

Its unique technology ensures high-range muscle fibre recruitment over the full range of limb movement without imposing any adverse loading on the spine, hips or knees, all of which are of course of vital concern to cyclists.

Clubs contesting Heineken and Amlin Cup Finals are all MyoQuip users (1 May 2012)

European rugby clubs which have installed MyoQuip machines, the MyoTruk and MyoThrusta, have had stunning success in reaching the Finals of prestigious Cup competitions this season.

The Heineken Cup Final will be an all Irish affair between Ulster and Leinster. Two other Clubs which are MyoQuip users, Exeter Chiefs and Toulon, have qualified for next year's Heineken Cup.

French Clubs, Toulon and Biarritz, will meet in the Final of the Amlin European Challenge Cup. Exeter were quarter finalists in this competition meaning that 3 of the top 8 teams use MyoQuip machines as the basis of their lower body strength training.

All of these clubs were supplied by MyoQuip's European manufacturer/distributors, Gen3 Kinematics. The sales to Toulon and Biarritz were made by Paul Dearlove who distributes MyoQuip machines throughout France.

MyoQuip Manufacturing Hub Shifts to Britain (10 May 2010)

Innovative Australian strength equipment company, MyoQuip Pty Ltd, is shifting its main centre of operations to the UK following the appointment of Farnborough-based Gen3 Kinematics as its exclusive manufacturing licensee for the European Union. (Read more)

ScrumTruk for Sydney University Football Club (July 2004) (Read more)