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MyoTruk accommodating resistance strength builder for glutes and quadriceps

The MyoQuip MyoTruk gluteal and quadriceps strength builder

The MyoTruk has now been released as one of  MyoQuip's Myo range of strength equipment which embodies direct-linkage force transmission. It replaces the ScrumTruk in our product range.

Since its introduction in 2004 the ScrumTruk has been routinely used for enhancing the basic strength, muscle mass and explosiveness of rugby players, both back and forwards, from schoolboy to international level. But, in addition, it has replaced or complemented the barbell squat in the weights programs of world standard rowers, national representative basketballers, and elite athletes in other sports. This multi-functionality has been further enhanced with the release of the MyoTruk.

The two most important distinguishing features of the MyoTruk are the horizontal pushing position of the athlete and the use of MyoQuip's patented technology, ensuring constantly increasing resistance throughout the exercise movement.

The MyoTruk has proven to be a very effective alternative or complement to the barbell squat in building strength in the gluteal and quadriceps muscle groups.

The photo below shows the correct starting position for operating the  MyoTruk. Note that hip and knee joint starting angles below 90 can be used if a greater range of movement is desired.

Tom Carter demonstrating starting position for MyoQuip MyoTruk - note back and shanks parallel to ground - hip and knee joint angles at 90 degrees

Unique features and performance characteristics of the MyoTruk:

Tevita Tuiloa in the start position on the MyoQuip MyoTruk - note back and shanks remain parallel to ground - hip and knee joint angles change at same rate
  • Gravitational effect on the horizontal trunk causes moderate curvature of the lower spine similar to its alignment when standing erect.
  • Comfortable and natural body position throughout the full range of movement ensuring no adverse loading on spine, hips or knees.
  • Horizontal trunk position triggers isometric contraction of the stabilising muscles of the pelvic and abdominal regions.
  • Intuitive operation - athletes do not need to be supervised or spend considerable time mastering a complicated movement.
  • Exercise can be performed without discomfort even by athletes who cannot squat because of back problems.
  • Provides full-range effective activation of leg extensors from start to lock-out.
  • Synchronicity of hip and knee joint angles ensures appropriate distribution of effort between gluteus maximus and quadriceps muscles.
  • Strongly activates the gastrocnemius and soleus muscles of the calf.
  • Involves significant dorsiflexion and plantarflexion of the ankle joint.
  • Tevita Tuiloa in the fully extended position on the MyoQuip MyoTruk - strong activation of gastrocnemius and soleus muscles of the calf
  • No adverse consequences from attempting to use excessive weight - athlete cannot be trapped under heavy load unlike barbell squat or 45 leg press
  • No need for spotters when attempting near-limit efforts.
  • "ScrumTruk provides a specificity of training off the field that enhances performance on it. ... Having utilised ScrumTruk in my training programmes for the last 3 years, I thoroughly recommend its value."

    Bob Egerton Wallaby; Head Coach, Sydney Grammar School First XV

    "Gluteal strength and forceful hip movement are essential factors in developing boat speed for rowing. The ScrumTruk facilitates power gains, in these areas, in a controlled environment. I would recommend the ScrumTruk to anyone wishing to develop superior power."

    Marty Rabjohns Director of Rowing, The University of Sydney; Cox, Australian Senior Eight

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