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MyoQuip - fundamental innovation, not imitation, in strength equipment

MyoQuip designs and manufactures innovative machines to build muscular strength. We are based in Sydney, Australia. At present, machines purchased by overseas buyers are sold and shipped directly by us. We are now in the process of setting up a global distribution network to provide local supply and service support.

Rather than making minor modifications to the existing array of strength-increasing machines and equipment, MyoQuip deliberately focusses on exploiting gaps in the market identifying areas where current technology is inadequate or nonexistent. The most fertile ground for innovation is in respect of exercises involving complex or multi-joint movements and strength requirements specific to a particular sport.

Working in close collaboration with sports scientists and engineers, MyoQuip has invented and developed a range of fundamentally unique machines.

The first of these was the ScrumTruk rugby strength builder, designed specifically to develop the pushing power of rugby forwards and their ability to withstand the counter-pushing and compressive forces of the scrum and maul.

A prototype machine was installed at Sydney University Sport's main gymnasium and tested over a three-month period by the Sydney University Football Club's Elite Development Squad of 50 players. Both backs and forwards used the ScrumTruk in their weight training programs. Extensive feedback from that testing was incorporated in the first commercially version of the ScrumTruk released in 2004.

Since its release the ScrumTruk has been adopted by the Wallabies; Emirates Western Force; HSBC Waratahs; Queensland Reds; Auckland Blues; Northampton Saints; Sharks; Golden Lions and other leading clubs and schools.

Since then the HipneeFlex and HipneeThrust were launched, with both machines embodying the same QuadTorq technology as the ScrumTruk.

In 200b the new generation Myo range of machines was introduced utilising our patented BBC technology. The MyoThrusta and the MyoTruk replace the HipneeThrust and the ScrumTruk in our range. Myo machines have been delivered to the CA Brumbies; the New South Wales Institute of Sport; Sydney Uni Sport & Fitness; and a number of clubs and schools.

Our First Endorsement back in 2004

" 2004 has been a very successful year for Sydney University rugby; winning the New South Wales Club Championship and all nine of our teams making the finals series. Throughout the grades the performance of the scrum has been outstanding, with wins against the feed and pushover tries occurring frequently. A major factor in our scrum dominance has been the players' use of the ScrumTruk machine which has significantly increased their pushing strength and self-confidence."

Todd Louden, Director of Rugby, Sydney University Football Club 2004. Since then Todd has been coach of Meiji University; coach of Randwick RFC (grand finalists Sydney Premiership); backline coach of Bulls (won Super 14); attack coach of HSBC Waratahs (grand finalists Super 14); and coach of Ricoh.